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Job Title: English Teacher in Training Center

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Language Requirement: English
Request Number: 3 Provincial Foreign Affairs:
Salary: 15000 - 20000 RMB Certificate Number:
School type: Company School level:
School location: Urban City Distance to the nearest city:
Student level: aged 3-14 y.o Student number per class: 10
Working Hours per week: Working Days per week: 5
Begin date of next term: June 10,2018 End date of next term:
Room Type: None
Class Subject:
Responsibilities of Position:
 1. Teaching English to kids aged 3-14 years old 
 2. Teaching time per week: no more than 25 classes 3. Duration of each class: 45 mins.
 4. Class size: 10 students
 5. Working Time: Wednesday to Friday 12:30~ 8:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm 6. Monday and Tuesday are off work time.
Treatment Conditions:
Salary and Benefits Package:
 1. Annual salary: 198,000RMB ~ 216,000 after tax (12 months) 2. 4,000RMB reward if the teacher does come to work as expected. 4. Holidays: Chinese public holidays. The teacher can also apply for a one-month vacation per year, but that month the teacher shall not have salary. 5. Bonus: 50 RMB per student if the students choose to study in our center after the teacher¡¯s demo class. 6. Airfare allowance: 8,000RMB a year 7. We prefer a two years¡¯ contract, and we will provide extra benefits as below. First, the teacher can have 10 days paid for his/her one-month vacation; Second, 24,000RMB airfare allowance in all. 8. Staff travel once a year 9. Insurance 10. Team-building activities from time to time.
Particular request ( include nationality,language etc. ):
 1. Native English speaker with a bachelor\'s degree or above. 2. More than two years of related teaching experience will be preferred.
 3. Responsible, considerate and enthusiastic 4. Teaching licenses/certificates (TEFL/TESOL) will be preferred.. 6. Clean criminal background check.
 7. Teachers need to provide all the materials for applying working certificates in China. 8. Work location: Wuxi 9. Expected arrival time: June 10, 2018
Special explain about overtime working:
Charge of overtime working:
Other living condition ( include inhabitancy / telephone / internet access / television / transportation / etc. ):
Wuxi is a large town by European standards sandwiched between Shanghai and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province, only 45-minutes away from Shanghai, 20 minutes from Suzhou and 1.5 hours to Hangzhou by fast-speed train. Many locals call it Oriental Geneva because it\'s also developing far more than most other Chinese towns. This means it\'s a comfortable place for foreigners to live in: there are big shops selling everything you could possibly need, the transportation system is good with easy connections to anywhere in China. The city has mature traffic system with ordered key road and bridge engineering, 2 metro lines, Sunan (Shuofang) International Airport. On the other hand there aren\'t so many foreigners here so we\'re still a bit special and the place isn\'t so big or confusing that you can easily get lost or alienated here. There is an interesting mix of commercial and traditional architecture with many different cultural activities to be seen. The climate is not too much different from Europe but with shorter winters and far more humid summers. The city is bisected by the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and shares Tai Lake with other cities. With so many rivers flowing through the plains, Wuxi has fertile land and is richly endowed with natural resources. High air quality with rich greenery. You will definitely enjoy the life here!
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