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TEFL Jobs > GAC Math/Science/Business Teacher in Tai\'an, Dongying and Zaozhuang of Shandong Provi
Job Title: GAC Math/Science/Business Teacher in Tai\'an, Dongying and Zaozhuang of Shandong Provi
Location: China Language Requirement: English
Request Number: 3-4 Provincial Foreign Affairs: Tai\'an Zaozhuang and Dongying of Shandong Province
Salary: 15000 - 20000 RMB Certificate Number: N/A
School type: Public School School level:
School location: Urban City Distance to the nearest city: N/A
Student level: High School Student number per class: 20-25
Working Hours per week: 30-40 office hours/w Working Days per week: 5 days (Monday-Frida
Begin date of next term: End of August 2018 End date of next term: Mid of July 2019
Room Type: Apartment
Class Subject:
The Global Assessment Certificate. (GAC) program is an internationally recognized university preparation program for students who do not have English as their first language. The GAC is a university preparation program that provides students with the academic knowledge, independent learning skills, English language skills and confidence to enter and successfully complete a bachelor¡®s degree at university. If students want to study overseas, successful completion of the GAC gives entry into one of many GAC Pathway Universities in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Vietnam. Global Recognition In addition to the GAC, all students have the opportunity to prepare for and take the ACT test, a multiple-choice college entry test that covers English, mathematics, reading, and science. An optional writing test is also available. This test is recognized by all universities in the USA and many universities elsewhere. The GAC is the only international university preparation program that includes the ACT. This means that when you apply to university, in addition to your high school diploma, you will have a GAC Grade Point Average (GPA), an ACT score, and either a TOEFL or IELTS score. The course is a university preparation or foundation studies course which aims to equip international students with the skills and knowledge needed for successful study in an English-medium western-style university setting. It equips students with knowledge and skills to:  collect and interpret information from written and oral sources  use effective oral and written communication to present information  apply study skills and strategies to enhance learning in a self-directed manner  use computer software programs to generate documents and reports  use mathematical ideas and techniques to make calculations and solve problems  apply principles of management and international business to analyse case studies  investigate and report on scientific facts and issues  investigate and report on issues related to self and society in both local and global contexts  work effectively with others in teams/groups  collect and present information using technology  effectively prepare for international benchmark tests of language proficiency. GAC program website http://www.globalassessment.com/en/gac/materials.html
Treatment Conditions:
working time Usually 08:30/09:00-11:30/12:00; 13:30/14:00-16:30/17:00 (Monday-Friday) 12-16 teaching workload will be arranged during weekdays time. A few time period for tutorial session arranged per week in the evening session. It will depend on local high school GAC centre.
Particular request ( include nationality,language etc. ):
1. Teaching Position: 1)Taian GAC centre: Business and IT Teacher 1 position Math and Science Teacher 1 position 2)Zaozhuang GAC Centre Business and IT Teacher 1 position Math and Science Teacher 1 position 3)Dongying GAC Centre Business and IT Teacher 1 position Math and Science Teacher 1 position 2. Company introduction Qingdao Damei Education group is founded in 2002 and headquarter is located in Qingdao city. We can provide international education courses for Chinese high school and university students who are willing to go abroad for further studies. We have established partnered business relationship with top high school in Shandong province including Tai¡¯an No.1 high school, Zaozhuang No.3 high school and Dongying No.1 high school. As GAC course license holder we have introduced and implemented Global assessment certificate program in international education department of these high schools since 2012 with good performance. Qingdao Damei is responsible for course teaching delivery and assessment, as well as foreign teacher recruitment and management within the centre. Qingdao Damei Education Group makes greater efforts to GAC-ACT program in China market, therefore we are currently looking for full time native teachers for GAC-ACT programs. Teaching experiences are preferred, International teachers are offered a variety of courses based on their academic background and strengths, including academic English, business and science & computing, study skills etc. The job location is based in Chinese high school. 3. Job Responsibilities:  Prompt arrival to class  Delivery of modules according to the syllabus  Preparing for all classes  Preparing students for assessment of modules  Marking assessment promptly as per advice from the Director of Studies (DoS)  Assessing student work with appropriate comments  Keeping accurate attendance and assessment records in the Class Record Books  Selecting a sample of each cohort¡¯s work in all assessable activities in liaison with the DoS as required for moderation purposes  Developing teacher-based tests, if required  Students reports  Overall report of module stating its strengths, concerns and recommendations  Providing DoS with class record book and competency sign off logs, no later than three working days after the completion of module  Other duties as required by the centre 4. Requirements 1. Native English Speaker 2. Bachelor degree in required subject or relevant qualification, postgraduate degree£¬teaching training experience are preferred; 3. At least 2-3 years teaching experience; 4. Strong English background; Excellent communication skills and team interaction skills; 5. Teaching Certificate (TESOL, TEFL or others) 6. Diligent and patient, with attention to detail and the ability to handling multiple assignments effectively; 7. Strong student management skill and experience are preferred. 8. Teachers with GAC teaching experience are preferred; Contact Please send your CV together with recent photos to Mr. Zhu Nan E-mail address: zhunan83@126.com Wechat: 15863071519 GAC program website http://www.globalassessment.com/en/gac/materials.html
Special explain about overtime working:
If the employing party arranges overtime task for the party employed, the teacher can apply for time compensation in weekdays.or overtime charge will be calculated one day working salary rate.
Charge of overtime working:
Other living condition ( include inhabitancy / telephone / internet access / television / transportation / etc. ):
Individual apartment in or outside the campus. Living condition include shower and toilet, kitchen and bedroom
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