Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Sep.16 – Sep.22 Wuhan
Sep.17– Sep.23 Shanghai
Sep.18 – Sep.24 Nanjing
Sep.20 – Sep.26 Suzhou
Oct.21 – Oct.27 Nanjing


The training includes two sections: in-class training and on-line evaluation.

TEFL training plan

The training classes are classified into two parts:

  • TEFL basic: reference book "Teaching English in China", about 40 class hours, trainers are native English experts;
  • Chinese laws and regulations (Chinese in the classroom is optional upon requirements): about 2-4 class hours, trainers are Chinese experts.

The TEFL examination session is 90 minutes, normally arranged at the noon or afternoon at the final day. Appendix 1 shows an example plan for the 7-day TEFL training.

The content of the course includes:

  • Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • Modern Teaching Methods in China
  • Teaching Conversation Classes to Lower Levels
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Teaching Communication to Higher Levels
  • Teaching Writing
  • Using Stories & Drama Techniques
  • Using Pictures and Video
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Reading & Listening
  • Appropriate Classroom Language
  • Teaching Practice of Conversation Class
  • Using Music in the Classroom
  • Characteristics of the Chinese Education System
  • Learning Habits of Chinese Students
  • Chinese Culture
  • Laws and regulations Concerning Foreign Teachers in China

Appendix 1:Lesson plan example for 7-day TEFL training

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