Teach in China !
You need the RIGHT certificate !
Jun.10 – Jun.16 Wuhan
Jun.17– Jun.23 Chengdu-i2
Jun.18 – Jun.24 Shanghai


RMB 3000 (includes textbook, stationeries, office and classroom supplies, refreshments; does not include accommodation)

Tuition fees must be paid one month prior to the training session. Make sure to register early. Please contact us in advance to arrange payment.

Bank Information:

Bank: Beijing Bank Shuangyushu Branch(北京银行双榆树支行)

Account Name: 国家外国专家局国外人才信息研究中心

Account No.: 01090321000120111100659

If you need arrange accommodation near the training site, please tell our staff at the time you apply. We would be glad to assist you in placing reservations.

Payment and invoice information

1) Please confirm the bank information with our colleauges in different branch office before you pay the tuition.

2) Applicants, who remit to us personally, please specify clearly if the invoice needs to be issued to your company not yourselves. If not, invoice is issued to trainee’s name.

3) Applicants, who remit to us not personally, please mark your name on the bank receipt.

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