The TEFL in China training program (Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China) is sponsored by the Foreign Talent Research Center, MOHRSS and is in compliance with international English teaching standards. The TEFL in China certificate is officially recognized throughout China.

The TEFL in China training course aims to improve the teaching level of foreign English teachers, especially for those who cannot be hired because they have less than two years’ working experience. In order to promote the integration of China’s English education with international standards and broaden Chinese English teachers’ horizon, both foreign English language teachers and Chinese English teachers may register for the training course. Foreigners who pass the training assessment will receive a TEFL in China certificate and an Evaluation certificate. Chinese English teachers who pass the training assessment will receive a TEFL in China certificate and an international English teaching training certificate.

TEFL in China training is designed to improve the practical English teaching ability of foreign English teachers in China and Chinese English teachers. This includes how to complete teaching tasks efficiently, gain an in-depth understanding of the Chinese education system, how to better integrate into the Chinese culture and how to adapt their teaching style to fit the learning style of Chinese students.

All the TEFL in China trainers have a professional background in education or hold international teaching or education certificates. They not only teach TEFL theory courses, they also share their teaching and work experiences in China with the students.

There are two paths to obtain the TEFL in China certificate: (1) TEFL in China Online or (2) TEFL in China In-Class. More details about each path will be found in the “TEFL Courses” tab.