The TEFL in China training program is sponsored by the Foreign Talent Research Center, MOHRSS. The TEFL in China certification is officially recognized throughout China.

In order to insure the quality of foreign EFL teachers working in China, foreign expert status is limited to those who have two years teaching experience or have obtained a TEFL in China certificate, and have registered on the “Evaluation System for Foreign Language Experts” website. In addition, every applicant who applies for foreign expert status must have at least a bachelor's degree.

TEFL in China training is designed for those who desire to teach English in China. The purpose of the training class is to help foreign teachers:

  • Teach English effectively as a foreign language in China

  • Understand the Chinese education system

  • Adapt to the Chinese culture

  • Adjust their teaching style according to the learning habits of Chinese students

There are two paths to obtaining the TEFL in China certificate: (1) TEFL in China Online or (2) TEFL in China In-Class. More details about each path will be found in the “TEFL Courses” tab.

Candidates who passed the TEFL in China course, final exam and successfully complete the “Evaluation System for Foreign Language Experts” evaluation will receive a TEFL in China certificate and an Evaluation Report accredited by the Foreign Talent Research Center, MOHRSS. See below for more information on the Evaluation System process.

Evaluation System for Foreign Language Experts

All candidates who attended the TEFL in China training should complete “Evaluation System for Foreign Language Experts.” You can complete the evaluation before or after you take the TEFL in China training. There are several parts to this evaluation. You will participate in a behavior style test along with a basic knowledge test. And you will be asked to write a short essay based on a question prompted provided in order to evaluate your writing skills.